Instructor Station

Origins of all training

In order to fully respond to the needs of a training programme, we have to respond to the most important user of all, the instructor.

LANDER provides instructors with a tool that affords them total control over the training process

Create, execute and review

The most important user of a simulator

When we think of a driving simulator, we instinctively picture the trainee or driver in our minds.

Yet the main user of a simulator is the instructor, who in the course of their interaction with the simulator has to put together a training schedule plan, translate this schedule into a library of simulation exercises as well as follow-up and evaluate each trainee according to the sessions completed with the system.

The instructor is thus a professional in their own right who dedicates their entire working day to training and by extension to using the simulation system.

The most important user of a simulator
Commitment to good design

Commitment to good design

As people, we spend a large percentage of our lives are spent at work. This is why it is very important for the experience at the workplace to be as pleasant as possible, not only for purposes of performing our duties, but also to be able to enjoy an agreeable and inspiring environment in which we feel comfortable.

To meet this goal, all our simulators are equipped with an intuitive interface created by experts in UX along with hardware intended and designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant experience that emulates the work experience in a vehicle and that also eliminates any kind of distraction or discomfort that might negatively affect the training.

Tools for comprehensive training

An instructor's needs are vast, so the solutions at their disposal need to match them.

The instructor interface provides trainers with the following options:

  • Administration of a database of trainees and instructors
  • Control of all simulators installed in a classroom
  • Creation of new exercises.
  • Editing existing exercises
  • Launch and control of simulation sessions with trainees
  • Modifying the conditions of a session currently in progress
  • Re-simulation of saved sessions
  • Automatic and manual evaluation
  • ECOSAFETY - safety and efficiency in driving
Tools for comprehensive training