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Even though a tram may at first be classified as a means of railway transport, driving a tram is actually more like driving a bus. Therefore, Lander used all the work it has done over years in automotive simulators as well as its experience in railway simulator development to design and develop this tram simulator.

The simulator desk has the same width as a tram car, and the controls are configured similarly to the customers' own vehicles. This gives the required feeling of being in a real tram. The display system can have 180° visualisation, so that drivers have a broad visual control of the environment they are moving in. They can see out of the front and of both sides, which in this type of vehicle is as important as the front.

The scenarios simulated are typical of real life, with a journey designed in generic autonomous traffic where all the typical problems with traffic, pedestrians, etc and any other incidents necessary for training can occur. This journey can also be expanded or customised.

The functionality is the same as any other Lander simulator. It has an Instructor Position that can introduce both faults in the tram as well as incidents on the journey. As with multi-use simulators, the Instructor Position can control various Training Positions at the same time. This results in high quality training where exercises which are difficult to do in reality can be performed.

In this first development phase, the desks for the CAF Urbos 3 and Citadis trams, from the manufacturer Alstom, have been developed. In the future, this range will be expanded with more models, with no manufacturer limitations.

Instructor Station

All components are combined to meet the needs of the instructor at all times. For example, turning the training positions on and off takes place in remote mode, so they do not even have a power switch. The system provides a high degree of functionality; the instructor can launch multiple sessions simultaneously and tailor the training programme to each individual student. Configuring and programming the exercises is easy and intuitive.

The instructor position consists of five screens: three for monitoring the controls and desk layouts, one for monitoring the scenario and another for the management and overall control of the system. The instructor also has a communication system with the students and a camera to observe them in the driving position.

Training Station

The training post, or desk, is designed to provide an easy, comfortable and hands-on training environment. Basically there are three touch screens, a real control box and seat and a set of screens that provide a 180º field of vision showing the journey in motion. Using an appropriate combination of real and virtual controls and virtual panels, multiple units can be simulated in a training position.

Attention to each student

The Lander Tram Simulator is designed to fit the needs of each student to improve their skills. Each driver’s actions can be recorded and the training programme can easily be adapted to each.

Help for the instructor

The Instructor Position Evaluation Mode is something new for the market. It can identify and classify human error according to internationally recognized methodologies, identify safety training needs for each individual and facilitate safety training planning for operators.

Simultaneous sessions

Up to three students can be trained simultaneously as the system greatly facilitates the work of the instructor. Simultaneous sessions are completely individualised so that each student can train on a different unit or scenario. The system is capable of detecting and recording errors and incidents during the sessions. Student actions are completely monitored throughout.

Replaying sessions

An important part of training is the possibility for both the instructor and student to study each of the movements made during the session in detail. All sessions are recorded and can be played back at any time via a user-friendly interface equivalent to a DVD player.

Ease of use

It is designed for everyday use with no complications. Lander has made a major effort in this area, with the cooperation and advice of top design and interface experts for the best simulator-user experience. The result is an easy and intuitive system for the users, both student and instructor, making their work easy and intuitive.

Appearance and materials

The simulator is made of lightweight yet strong and durable materials, including the clean and minimal external wiring; all aspects of the final product are designed to achieve a lasting quality. The whole system is switched on and off with just the push of a button. Also, for safety reasons, the equipment is protected by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.

Short delivery times

We have managed to significantly reduce the delivery time of our simulators, due to our innovative design processes. We have achieved a very comprehensive product, tailored to the details of user training needs with short delivery times.
2-Simbio: Installation

Fixed or Mobile Installation

Lander's Simbio simulator does not require a purpose-built space for installation. Thanks to the design and use of lightweight materials in its manufacture, it can be installed in any office or in a mobile classroom, taking up minimal space. The layout has been designed so that all elements are easily removable and fit through any standard door.

Main advantages of the Lander Tram simulator
A tailored product
Each one is customised and adapted to the customer’s individual needs.
More training hours
The system enables several students to train at the same time.
Easy and intuitive use
We offer a very intuitive system both for the student and for the instructor.
Simple installation
It is easily installed in any office.
Total guarantee
Our round-the-clock support service 365 days a year.
Reduced cost
Thanks to the manufacture of optimised hardware we have managed to significantly reduce the production cost.
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