Instructor / Observer

Maximising the training capabilities

In order to provide a complete solution with the equipment, we understand simulation training as a joint activity between trainers and students

LANDER makes available to the instructor a comprehensive tool for complete management and control of the training

Create, run and review

Creation, control and monitoring of exercises

LANDER’s philosophy is to provide companies with a flexible simulator that allows them to create situations that simulate reality as accurately as possible in the simplest possible way.

The Instructor station will open up a world of possibilities for trainers to create, control, monitor and evaluate exercises:

  • Management of the database of students and instructors
  • Ability to launch and control exercises in multiple driving stations
  • Creation of new exercises
  • Editing of existing exercises
  • Modification of the conditions for exercises in progress
  • Playing back saved sessions
  • Automatic and manual evaluation
  • Control of safety and driving efficiency
Creation, control and monitoring of exercises
Observation Station

Observation Station

This will make it possible both to follow the exercises and to learn in a more interactive way as a group, based on the actual requirements of the training.

The combination of screens will allow you to view the driving exercises in real time, as well as later, and play back the recordings of the exercises for debriefing sessions.