Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Driving simulators: a new frontier for Mexican freight companies

Freight companies are taking a step forward and have begun committing to professional driver training simulators.

Similar to Mexican bus operator ADO's initiative back in 2015, the Líneas 1 de Mayo freight trucking company is now venturing to incorporate cutting edge technology in its training.

This family business based in Piedras Negras (Coahuila) operates a fleet of approximately 100 lorries, carrying out their activities at the U.S. boundary. After some time examining and thoroughly evaluating the possibility of incorporating a driving simulator, Líneas 1 de Mayo's owners finally opted for LANDER as the best company in this regard.

LANDER's previous experience in the Mexican market was surely a major factor in the decision to entrust the company with this project. LANDER will now tackle the challenge of developing a simulator that fully adapts to all the particular needs of this type of operation in the coming months. This challenge entails designing a realistic driving station for the Volvo and Freightliner-brand American lorries that they use, which are also known for the many real controls incorporated on the dashboard.

With this new project and other prospects currently emerging in this segment, LANDER is set to take another step in expanding its range of simulators, providing the market with a unique solution. We will keep the readers informed of the developments in this new solution in the coming months.

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