Friday, March 15, 2019

GRUPO SENDA starts the year with a new image, buses and a simulator

GRUPO SENDA, a leading passenger road transport company operating in northern Mexico and the south of the US, has hurtled into 2019 and given a sturdy implacable boost to its business model with a new image, buses and a simulator.

As there is a considerable offer from long-distance transport operators in Mexico, GRUPO SENDA has decided to mark a difference by defining its main objective as consolidation of capital, prestige and recognition of its brand. It was for this reason that it upgraded its brand to the new age, with a new, solvent, modern design, which nevertheless respects an idiosyncrasy forged over more than 85 years of tradition.

There will now be three federal road transport brands: Senda Diamante, Del Norte and Turimex; employee transport, on the other hand, will be handled by Senda Citi. To quote Managing Director Ricardo Clausse Torres, “we are redefining and simplifying the offer of value as part of our process of continuous improvement, and cashing in on the strength and reputation of our brands”.

The new image is accompanied by new units. GRUPO SENDA has added 54 new Dina RUNNER 10 vehicles, to be used in San Luis Potosí by the Cummins company to transport staff.

Staff at Cummins, the US company manufacturing diesel and natural gas engines at its facility in San Luis Potosí, can now enjoy the employee home-to-plant transport service by Senda Citi, in the brand new Dina buses.

As though the new features were not enough, not satisfied with revamping its image and enlarging its fleet of vehicles, GRUPO SENDA began the year with a new LANDER simulator, customised to its type of operations and fleet, moving forward to specialist capacitation with a 21st century simulator.

The company can now organise training with great realism, repeatedly and with zero risk, in all kinds of traffic situations, meteorological and climatological conditions and degraded-driving scenarios, helping drivers develop the best possible reaction to all kinds of road circumstances. And better training will lead to a better and safer service for passengers.

We wish to offer our congratulations to GRUPO SENDA for its determination in taking on the challenges of the present, transforming its business and taking action to optimise its business model from the very core.

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