Monday, March 30, 2020

Mutual de Seguridad's new motorcycle simulator is already operating in Chile

Mutual de Seguridad's Critical Risk Training Centre recently installed a motorcycle driving simulator developed by LANDER.

Mutual de Seguridad is a private non-profit institution founded in 1966 by the Chilean Chamber of Construction, which currently has 95,000 member companies, 2 million workers and a hospital network across Chile. It provides full coverage for work accidents and develops Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) programmes.

Some of the projects rolled out by the Critical Risk Training Centre to train workers on safety and the prevention of work accidents (training on electrical hazards, work at height and confined spaces) include a new area that focuses on road safety, in which the new motorcycle simulator will be incorporated.

It is worth highlighting that Mutual de Seguridad has been using technology tools to train and raise the awareness of its workers for some time. Its Road Safety centre has been training users with its car and motorcycle simulators, mobile classrooms, etc. Without a doubt, this experience has allowed them to learn more about the advantages of simulation systems, while becoming more and more demanding about what is expected from the new equipment to continue improving in its training programmes.

Users of the new motorcycle simulator will benefit from a unit that allows them to face realistic driving situations and scenarios. At a time in which there is a boom in home delivery services, with the corresponding boom in the use of motorcycles in cities and, unfortunately, the resulting increase in accident rates, it is essential to continue making progress on prevention and awareness raising actions with all workers using motorcycles in their daily activity.

According to Felipe Burnster, Managing Director of Mutual de Seguridad: "We need to be aware of the fact that there are other drivers near us and that each decision we take not only affects us, but those who surround us".

The vast experience of Mutual de Seguridad with different simulation tools in training environments will serve as the model that inspires many other companies involved in ORP activities in Chile and in other countries.