Friday, January 24, 2020

The police force in Turingia is now using simulators as part of its emergency driver training

As we mentioned in our article last November, for a number of months now, the police force in the state of Turingia has entrusted LANDER with the development of its simulator to provide its officers with driver training.

Last December, the simulator was successfully installed at the Turingia police academy located in the city of Meiningen (Germany). Since then, the training team in Turingia has been rolling out the implementation of this new tool as part of its training programme, starting with the creation of a training plan using the simulator.

The Turingia police simulation system consists of a police car training station with all the specific controls inherent to a vehicle with these characteristics: siren, lights, radio... What's more, for this project in particular, LANDER has included a new touchscreen that reproduces the emergency light system control panel in a real vehicle. The system's hardware is rounded off with an instructor seat.

Using this new tool, the Turingia police force can now offer emergency driver training, as part of which the police normally has to operate at high speeds, disregarding traffic regulations (intersections, red lights, etc.) while monitoring the radio. This aspect is particularly important in Germany, as the national StVO traffic regulations prohibit this type of training being imparted on normal roads.

We would like to thank the Turingia police force once again for their forward-looking vision and their trust in this project, which has opened up the doors of the German police to LANDER. We hope to continue working closely with them in the coming years to continue learning and consequently developing our solutions for police forces.