Thursday, April 4, 2019

Singapore orders 17 new car and motorcycle simulators

After having successfully completed a trial period of 6 months with a car and motorcycle simulator prototype, Singapore has ordered new simulators for the full implementation of the project. The order consists of 12 car and 5 motorcycle simulators for the three driving centers in Singapore: Comfort Delgro Driving Center, Singapore Safety Driving Center and Bukit Batok Driving Center.

The new simulators are currently in production at Lander and they will be delivered, installed and in operation within the fourth quarter of the year. In parallel, the car and motorcycle prototype simulators that were used during the trial period will be updated to match the final specification.

Starting from December 2019, learner motorists in Singapore will need to undergo simulator training to obtain a car driving or motorcycle riding license. Before taking a practical exam in a real car on the real road, the learners must have previously taken three simulator modules, in which they will face pre-configured scenarios of the most common accident and risky situations in Singapore roads, according to Traffic Police’s investigations.

The simulator training will make the process of obtaining a license more comprehensive. It will help the learners to acquire the skills and experience for a better and safer driving, with the final objective of minimizing accidents and fatalities on Singapore roads.

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