Friday, August 30, 2019

A stronger after-sales service for Southeast Asia

For many years the Asia and Pacific region, where a number of new simulation projects have been installed, has been a priority market in LANDER's international expansion. Our adventure, which began in 2010 with the delivery of a simulator to India, continued with projects in New Zealand, Vietnam and, more recently, in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Bangladesh.

This expansion, coupled with the growth prospects in this area of the world and the impetus provided by our new projects for Bangladesh Railways, has prompted LANDER to prioritise the strengthening of our after-sales service in the so-called SEA region. In addition, the time difference with this area of the world makes technical support capacity a sensitive matter requiring special measures to attain the desired and necessary service level for our simulation projects.

It is for all these reasons that a few months ago LANDER established a specific customer service department for Southeast Asia headed up by Mr Abu Saleh Mohammad Shamsur Rahman – or “Shams” as he prefers to be called. Shams is an IT engineer with extensive experience in IT, support and customer service in countries such as Malaysia and Bangladesh. Although on-site support for LANDER simulators is rarely needed – the remote connection to our simulators means 99% of issues can be dealt with from our offices in Spain in a matter of minutes – we felt it necessary to offer support in the region for the 1% of situations where the presence of a LANDER technician is essential. So in March Shams visited LANDER in San Sebastián, where he spent a full month with us receiving in-depth training in how our simulators work.

Based in Bangladesh, this new support service headed up by Shams is already helping LANDER to improve service quality for the large number of simulators installed across the Southeast Asia, which, moreover, is set to increase fourfold over the coming months.

We are confident that this experience will enable us to explore new ways of improving the quality of our after-sales service, which we consider key to achieving outstanding customer relations.