Train simulator

Broaden your training horizons

Achieve new goals in railway driver training thanks to train simulators for long- and medium-distance, commuter and high-speed lines

Simulators for every type of railway operation.

Passengers and cargo over any distance

  • Driving under normal and impaired conditions
  • Training for hazardous situations in a safe environment
  • cross-training in large groups of train drivers
  • Passenger and freight transport
  • Realistic environments: simulation of actual localised features and option to invent environments for training purposes
  • Real signing and safety systems (ERTMS, etc.)
  • Realistic sensations: dynamic models, vehicle systems and interaction with all exterior elements
  • Considerable reduction in the costs associated with training
  • Choose between multi-purpose simulator or cabin replica
Train simulator
Distance and speed are not a problem

Distance and speed are not a problem

Simulators allow for the simulation of every kind of vehicle:

  • Long- and medium distance
  • Commuter lines
  • High-speed line

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