Technology and design

Commitment to good design

As people, we spend a large percentage of our lives at work. This is why it is very important for the workplace to be as comfortable as possible, not only for purposes of performing our duties but also to be able to enjoy an agreeable and inspiring environment in which we feel comfortable.

Tools that allow for focussing on what is important: learning

Facilitating training

To meet this goal, all our simulators are equipped with an intuitive interface created by experts in UX along with hardware intended and designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant experience that emulates the work experience in a vehicle and that also eliminates any kind of distraction or discomfort that might negatively affect the training.

Technology and innovation

Simulation is a technology that is established but also constantly evolving. For this reason, our LANDER Labs team pays close attention to technological progress and new trends, so they can adopt any new advances that might allow for our simulators to evolve while still guaranteeing reliability and stability.

Technology and innovation