Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Confidence reaffirmed. RNV and LANDER embark on their second simulation centre

Time flies and it has been more than four years since rnv, an operator of public transport between the cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen, and LANDER started what was one of the most exciting projects of all those undertaken by our company.

On one side of the partnership, rnv, an operator with a modern vision of transport, keen to make simulation the core of its training and with the confidence to entrust LANDER with the company’s first project in Germany. On the other side, LANDER, eager to show our experience with trams and to take on the challenge of supplying a simulation system in a country with the most demanding requirements.

In December 2017 rnv inaugurated its first simulation centre for its Bombardier rnv6 vehicles. The hectic activity of the centre has been continuous since it opened and, as rnv had intended, it has become an integral and essential part of the training of the company’s tram and commuter train drivers.

In 2018 rnv awarded Skoda the contract to supply its new trams, once again showing the world the innovative character of the company by putting out to tender a contract for vehicles that would be a benchmark for the rest of the country. Naturally, rnv wanted its new vehicles to be included in their digitised training, so the company quickly decided to opt for a new simulation training centre for the Skoda RNT 2020.

So, just 2 years after inaugurating its first simulation classroom, rnv started the tender process for the purchase of its new simulators, time frames that clearly show the company’s commitment to new technologies, transport safety and the professionalism of its workers.

Today we are delighted that rnv has once again placed its trust in LANDER and we are very excited about starting this new project. We consider ourselves fortunate to remain active in these turbulent times and to have the opportunity to continue working with the rnv team and sharing their cosmopolitan vision of transport.

For all these reasons, we very much appreciate the commitment made by rnv and we trust that this is just one more episode in a long-standing relationship that began in 2016.