Thursday, September 24, 2020

First LANDER electric bus simulator in Uruguay

Uruguay is a green country. Its exceptional natural resources and legislation based on a vision of the future have today situated the country at the forefront in terms of clean energy.

In recent years, Uruguay has completely transformed its energy matrix. It is currently one of the leading countries in the world in wind energy production, along with Denmark, Ireland and Germany. It was no surprise when in 2018 the country was recognised as one of the leading nations in the production of electric and solar energy by REN21, which is backed by the UN to promote renewable energy around the world. In addition, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), in a recent publication (Innovation Landscape for a renewable-powered future, June 2019), cites the Uruguayan experience as one of the examples of successful management of energy generation with a high share of renewable energy. Today the country is capable of supplying almost 100% of its national demand with renewable energy. This clearly makes it a model within the reach of very few countries in the world but an example for all.

As an example of the energy and environmental policy that they carry out, the Compañía Uruguaya de Transporte Colectivo (CUTCSA), the most important passenger transport company in Montevideo, has entrusted LANDER with the development of its first electric bus driving simulator. It will be the first simulator for LANDER in Uruguay and also the first simulator of this type acquired by a Uruguayan bus company, making it an important landmark in promoting the improvement of road safety in Montevideo as well as contributing to energy efficiency and the reduction of polluting emissions from road transport within the capital.

This simulation project is in addition to other CUTCSA modernisation plans, among which is the renewal of the fleet by fully electric buses. CUTCSA has acquired 20 buses from the Chinese manufacturer BYD, which were inaugurated last May by the Uruguayan president, Mr Luis Lacalle Pou.

In the inauguration ceremony, the president of CUTCSA, Mr Juan Salgado, said that his company plans to acquire 50 units, which together with the rest of the infrastructure necessary for the system (for example charging stations), implies an investment of nearly US$ 40 million.

For this project, LANDER will contribute the experience acquired over almost 20 years of work developing bus driving simulators, among which we would highlight the Latin American equipment, with top tier customers such as the Mexican group ADO, the Brazilian federation Fetranspor, the Chilean operator Turbus, the Argentine group RosarioBus and the Colombian Express consortium.

At LANDER we are convinced that the electric bus simulator will provide added value as part of the effort being made by the company and the country as a whole to ensure that Uruguayan drivers receive modern, clean and green training. Not only do we share the philosophy of sustainability because LANDER is a green technology company, but also because we have a cultural connection due to the strong Basque links with Uruguay. Everything suggests that this will be just the continuation of an exciting journey that began many years ago with the two cultures and companies as travelling companions.