Thursday, August 4, 2022

LANDER returns to Innotrans 2022 with more new developments than ever

This year marks two decades since LANDER began to make its way in the railway simulation market.

At that time, everything seemed to have already been “invented”, but looking back today we see that, over those 20 years, the LANDER team has come up with designs for more than a dozen types of simulator focused on land transport (trains, metros, trams, buses, emergency services, airports, etc.), positioning itself as a company with one of the widest ranges of solutions applied to training throughout the world.

This was obviously something that could not have been achieved overnight. It is the result of an innovative vision in the sector and, of course, the close collaboration of the LANDER team with each customer, in order to understand their requirements based on first-hand knowledge and aim to offer new technologies with the greatest possible reliability.

In addition to working internally on new solutions, the opportunity to be present at fairs of global interest such as Innotrans in Berlin has allowed us, over the years, to showcase our developments in front of an international and specialist audience, as well as to receive their feedback in person.

This year is going to be as important as ever, and we are already more than prepared to attend the big event.

The general evolution of driving simulators itself has seen the incorporation of designs that are increasingly better thought out in terms of maintainability, are more compact and adaptable, and more realistic, with new technologies such as VR, as well as having more modern aesthetics.

But, in addition to this, the knowledge acquired by LANDER in this segment has made it possible to incorporate training simulators for other railway professional profiles, such as the CTC simulator for controllers. The SMRT project in Singapore stands out in this area. Auxiliary solutions to driving simulators, such as portable simulators on PCs, are another example of solutions that have allowed our customers to offer comprehensive technological training.

This time, we take additional new products, such as the E-Lau, to Innotrans 2022. This new customisable e-learning solution aims to complement the training of drivers in the simulator, allowing them to receive training in train protocols in a very interactive way and from any location.

We will also show a new product that has been specially designed for a new group of railway staff, namely train maintainers. LANDER’s innovative Maintenance Simulator provides a training tool with simulation aimed at maintenance personnel. With a compact fibreglass design and 4 panoramic screens, the simulator will allow the user to acquire extensive knowledge of the different complete train systems (electric, pneumatic, etc.), all focused on protocols for troubleshooting.

Through numerous video tutorials, methods of becoming familiar with the train by identifying the different elements, as well as the diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities of different protocols, maintainers will find a training tool tailored to their specific needs.

As with traditional driving simulators, there is no better way than trying them yourself to confirm that they are indeed here to stay. Visit LANDER at stand 130, in hall 4.2, at Innotrans and find out about all the latest developments in training simulators. We look forward to seeing you!

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