Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Simulators that grow and develop along with the transport operation they support

When an organisation contacts us to acquire a simulator, it usually has immediate training needs that it wants to fulfil. These, however, change over time, as an operation develops with new routes, vehicles, and systems, among other things. Our simulators are also capable of doing so, and we prepare them for this.

This is the result of our work philosophy, which is based on two fundamental concepts: to provide simulators that are custom-designed to best adapt to the characteristics requested by our clients, and to support our clients throughout the useful life of the simulator, so that they can count on us whenever they need us.

With this philosophy, our simulators are prepared from the design stage so that they can be adapted, renewed, extended, or incorporate new features. Both in terms of software and hardware.

Perhaps one of the clients that has demanded the most in this regard and at the same time has placed its trust in us is Auckland Transport in New Zealand, with whom we began to collaborate ten years ago. Since the installation of our driving simulator in their facilities in 2013, there have been many projects that have allowed us to incorporate new features or systems.

After a number of projects to modify the signage and various vehicle systems, last year we delivered an expansion to the scenarios in which their drivers train. And if this year we are undertaking a renovation of the hardware and the visual engine that will once again turn it into a simulator with the latest technology, this week we received news of a new order to update the new City Rail Link, the 3 km tunnel that will open soon.

A new vote of confidence that we hope to repay to continue supporting them in their development as we have done so far.