Thursday, June 24, 2021

We are opening an innovative training centre with a driving simulator in the capital of Europe, Brussels

The Lander simulator will train members of the public authorities, from police officers to firefighters and ambulance drivers. The aim is to ensure public safety. 

Did you know that a number of accidents are caused by young aspiring police officers? Jaques Goerteman, Director of the Regional Police College in Brussels, has informed of this fact. He stresses that it’s difficult to drive on a blue light journey in emergency situations. Learning to drive in these circumstances is not easy and sometimes accidents occur that threaten the safety of the police and the public.

To avoid this, Lander has designed a simulator that will train drivers, providing them with the necessary skills to drive in emergency situations. The simulator closely replicates the reality of driving as a police officer in this city. It allows you to recreate specific and immersive situations for the learner, such as a high-speed police chase or training in heavy traffic congestion. Or, for example, learning how to use the radio or sirens during an emergency. 

The simulator has been installed at Brusafe, a pioneering campus that recently opened its doors in Brussels. This school will allow synergies to be generated between professionals in the security, prevention and citizen services sectors. This will ensure that they will all act efficiently in emergency situations that require joint action. Achieving the key objective: to ensure the safety of Belgian citizens. 

The new campus has 35 modern rooms, including a simulation classroom with 250 students who are candidates to become firefighters, ambulance drivers, police officers or security guards. This is in addition to 100 or so already qualified professionals who undergo regular training at the centre. The centre also aims to promote the image of the security services among the residents of Brussels in order to attract more aspiring police officers and other candidates. All this has positioned Brusafe as a leader in the sector, so we at Lander are grateful that the Belgian authorities have placed their trust in our technology.

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