Heavy-vehicle simulator

The simulator for transport professionals

Transport by road, whether of goods or passengers, involves great responsibility on the part of professional drivers that face highly complex situations on a daily basis.

Simbio is the fusion of all these realities, a simulator that allows drivers of urban and inter-urban buses, lorries, trailers, vehicles carrying hazardous goods and many others to train for all the circumstances and conditions they face in their everyday professional lives.

Heavy vehicles require special driving skills.

Every movement, every detail counts

Versatile driving station with real controls

This type of simulator incorporates real heavy vehicle controls that guarantee realistic driving.

In addition, the cockpit evokes the lines and the outline of real vehicles, which allows the learner to believe himself at all times inside a real cabin, whatever the model.

Versatile driving station with real controls
Three degrees of freedom of motion.

Three degrees of freedom of motion.

The sense of motion inside a vehicle is an essential part of the sensations and decisions we experience when driving. LANDER's automotive simulators therefore incorporate a motion system capable of reproducing the effects of accelerating and breaking, driving on curves, potholes and many other items in a highly realistic way.

We have developed a motion system with three degrees of motion for our car simulator that allows for the experience of even terrain, driving on curves or the sensations of accelerating and breaking, among other things.

A view of the real world

  • 3 TV screens of  55-inch covering 180º horizontal visul field.
  • The arrangement of the 3 TV screens around the driving position is such that it covers the central 180º of the driver's field of vision. This system allows appropiately taking distance references during the simulation (perceptions of position and speed), and minimizes perspective errors.
A view of the real world
Right- or left-hand side steering, manual or automatic

Right- or left-hand side steering, manual or automatic

All LANDER simulators support right-hand and left-hand steering and all the necessary software and hardware adaptations involved.

It is moreover possible to simulate manual,  automatic, Eaton-Fuller and other transmissions on the same simulation station.

Instructor Station


It allows:

  • Final impression of a report with the summary of the session for analysis.
  • Evaluation and reproduction of the simulation sessions.
  • Control of simulation exercise executions.
  • Design of exercises.
  • Introduction of malfunctions, incidences and change of wheather and environmental conditions.
  • Monitoring of all the functions to be evaluated in the student.
  • Traffic monitoring and road map.
  • Monitorización en tiempo real de los mandos físicos reales.
  • Real-time monitoring of real physical controls.
  • Possibility for the instructor to act on third party vehicles within the traffic placed in the student's simulation exercise.
  • The possibility to control the load level of vehicles from emptiness to overload.
  • Locally storage in the database of the instructor´s computer the historical of all the exercises carried out by the students.


It comprises of:

  • Instructors table.
  • 1 computer.
  • 2 screens.
  • Microphone for communications with the student.
  • Printer.
  • 1 UPS.
Instructor Station
Customised software

Customised software


Simulation scenes:

  • Urban.
  • Interurban (conventional roads and highway).
  • Mountain.
  • Unpaved track.
  • Test Track.


Adjustment of weather and environmental conditions:

  • Sunny day, night, sun glare, snow, wind, gloom and sunset.


Adjustment of adherence conditions:

  • Dry, wet and ice.