Train simulator

Passengers and cargo

Achieve new goals in railway training thanks to the long and medium distance, commuter and high-speed train simulators

Simulators for any type of railway operation

Extend the scope of training

Train simulator equipment

Basic training, refresher training, evaluation of skills.

  • Training in ERTMS level 0, 1 and 2, LZB, TPWS, PZB, ASFA, AWS, etc.
  • Learning of routes
  • Learning to drive new and existing vehicles
  • Breakdown protocol training
  • Training in critical and emergency situations
  • Collaborative training between drivers
  • Communications training
  • Eco-driving
  • Hands-on experience with the dynamics of the train in its different configurations
Train simulator equipment
Replica of the real routes of each operation

Replica of the real routes of each operation

Simulation of the real routes, stations and depots of the operation

Real rolling stock

Simulation of the behaviour of the rolling stock including the main systems (electric, traction/brake, hydraulic, HMIs, door operation) and the possible breakdowns

Real rolling stock
Actual driving conditions

Actual driving conditions

Accurate simulation of real traffic conditions, protection systems, cab signalling, automatic movement of other vehicles, etc., as well as realistic effects for weather and light conditions

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